Our program’s foundation is based on nurturing the child’s spirit, helping each child feel loved.  We understand the child’s rapid development, respond to his or her growing needs, and support their inherent need for independence.


Our Pre-Primary Program consists of a classroom of nine children with one Montessori-trained teacher and one assistant.  The classroom is carefully prepared and designed for individual exploration, movement, and socialization. Throughout the day, there are opportunities for individual work as well as coming together as a group at “line time.”   


Our shelves are filled with beautiful materials that invite the children to explore without being teacher-directed.  Through modeling and instruction, we help them learn how to work with the materials, and then return them to their proper place.  In addition, we help the children adopt the skills that will benefit them in life:  respect for oneself, respect for others, and respect for their environment.


In the Pre-Primary class, the children are engaged in:


·         Language Development  - developing their expressive and receptive skills through                      conversation and songs, vocabulary building, and communicating their needs to others.

·         Motor Skills - building their small and large motor abilities as they work with the

          materials and participate in line time activities to gain more control over their movements.

·         Sensorial Exploration - refining their senses through materials that help them discover and

          differentiate sizes, textures, shapes, scents ,and sounds.

·         Social/Emotional Skills - learning about their emotions, how to handle conflicts, and lessons                 in grace and courtesy such as kindness, sharing and proper manners.

·         Practical Life  - daily life skills in taking care of themselves, others, and the classroom with

          activities such as mopping, scrubbing tables, polishing, setting the table, pouring a drink,

          preparing a snack, beading, basic sewing and weaving.

·         The Arts - exploring art materials and other types of art media; learning songs and exposure

          to music from other cultures; playing instruments and working with music appreciation


·         Math, Science and Nature - math and science materials on a concrete level, such as                           counting objects, conducting experiments with sink and float items, examining nature materials,

          gardening, and learning to care about their world.

·         Independence - care of one’s belongings and oneself, which includes toilet learning and

          self-dressing skills.

Ages 2 - 3 Years