Casa dei Bambini Montessori of Mayfair's vision is to treat each child as a unique individual with distinctive needs. Our caring, Montessori-accredited teachers foster a love of learning in each child by nurturing curiosity and academic interest in our carefully-prepared, peaceful environment.  This, in turn, builds a child’s concentration, independence, self-confidence, self-discipline, and social skills in learning to work with others.

Our mission is to implement Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy and method of education in a home-like, school environment, where children can grow intellectually and emotionally, becoming confident, independent thinkers, strong of heart and mind, and developing their innate talents to be successful and happy in life.


Dr. Maria Montessori’s “Montessori Method” has shown substantial success since its birth - more than 100 years ago - with its child-centered approach and scientifically-based principles.  Following her educational practices, CDBMM’S main goals are to:


  • form a collaborative partnership with parents and caregivers in the education of their child

  • offer children a safe, caring environment where they can thrive emotionally and academically

  • support the children’s health holistically with fresh, organic foods and classroom materials made of 

       natural elements in wood, glass, woven materials, and metals

  • assist each child in developing lifelong skills of concentration, coordination, independence and order

  • help to build self-trust and self-worth in children, enabling them to grow confident to tackle the

      challenges of the world and reach their full potential

  • help children in self-reflection and peaceful ways to grow as kind, contributing members of society

  • instill in each child a sense of wonder, creativity and joy in learning

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