Kindergarten enrichment is a program offered to all children enrolled at Casa Dei Bambini Montessori who have turned five by September 1st of the respective school year. This program is meant to help children transition into lower elementary or 1st grade by going into greater depth with academic subjects such as math, grammar, history, geography, biology, zoology, physics, and the fine arts, while working more as a team.

Every day of the week focuses on a specific subject and the kindergarteners are presented group and individual lessons, according to each child's needs, and then have the opportunity to work either in small teams or by themselves, under the guidance of the lead teacher.

Each afternoon, after lunch, they will meet in our library and work on mathematical operations, advanced reading and grammar. In addition, the children will deepen their knowledge about the universe, continents, U.S. history, nature and the human body, and will participate in science experiments.